Cannot see files on a cd after it is burned.

I am runing a backup program which writes to the CD drive.  The program completes and the log of the  program says all went well.  The drive door opens indicating the copy is done.  When I close the door the XP question comes up and indictating this is a blank CD.  If I try to look at the files using explore I get the same indication, the cd rom is blank.  When I go into Sonic Record Now as if I were going to record, I see all the files and have an indiaction the cd is appendable.  If I set one file to be copied to the drive and burn the file, all files become visable on the CD using explore.  The same probelm appears to be happening when I use explore and copy files to the cd (temp folder and then burn).

Something in my memory tells me there has to be a TOC on the drive for XP to see the files and the drive to be considered closed.  If that is true how do I close the cd and create a TOC.  Is there a parameter to be set on the drive itself?

Thanks in advance for all the help you all provide to us.

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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
is this a CD-R or CD-RW drive?
Most backup programs cannot backup directly to CD.  You backup to a temporary location, then burn that location to a CD.  It could be that your backup program is doing this type of copy, and failing on the burn part.  Look at the actual disc and see if it's been written too.  A burned disc will appear to have a slightly different colored inner ring.
did you check the CD in anther PC?
and this always happeing with backup or its first time?
did you try to burn again with new CD?

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mabarnes11Author Commented:
Answers to all your questions.
I tis a cd-r disc.

The backup program (Handy Backup) writes direcetly to the CD and I have the program running in many other locations and it works just fine.  It used to work at this location also.

I have checked the cd in another Pc and it appears to be blank also.  I have tried many cds withthe same result.

I think you are misisng one point.  The files are there as Sonic can se them but I cannot see them with explore until I burn another file to the cd with Sonic.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
You need to close the disc on CD-R to see the files...versus if you are running a CD-RW drive.

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Irwin is right the disc needs to be closed most likly after you burn with sonic, sonic closes the session, if handy backup is like most cd burning utilities there should be an option in its setting to close discs after burning.
Have you tryed to change the CD-R Device to an older one ?
Because it might not supported by the Handy Backup.
File Format: PDF
 Tutorials Burning CD’s using SONIC. 2. In the SONIC Digital Media software,

rightclick the link and save as:
Make sure that you are not burning a shortcut to the folder. But the actual folder and contents db click the folder in the Sonic burn page to show the contents.
Burn it as a data disc. Not UDF or any other format:

here how to with windowsxp and Sonic Nero etc
finally ensure the contents do not exceed 695 megs or the cd is not readable and cannot be finalsed.
mabarnes11Author Commented:
Thanks to all.  Unfortuantely I have been called out today and will not get a chance to try the suggestions.  I agree it has to be closed and I guess the next step is to challange the software manufacturer.  Unfortuantely I wil be out until after Easter. Will award on Monday.  Sorry for th edelay.

Happy and blessed Easter to all.

thank you Marvin, happy easter and happy Holidays Be safe and well
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