Save installed delphi component setting

Hi experts,
I have delphi IDE on my desktop computer, some how I need to move my coding activity to my laptop,
there's something that bother me every time I do it so, I have to install every component in my desktop computer
into my laptop, it take very long2x time. Is there any way to make some "delphi component image" so I don't have
to install and register those component one by one? or may someone know the easiest technique to do it?

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Installed components = packages are stored in the registry
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\Delphi\6.0\Known Packages" for my Delphi 6.
Copying all the files of the components and copying this registry subtree should do the trick.
Be warned that some components or IDE plugins may create their own registry entries. There may be other pitfalls also.
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