Microphone and Quality

Hi, I saw the option about quality for the camera, but I didn't find anything about the quality for the sound... I think right now the sound quality is like 20kbps, but is there any way for get a better one? I'm trying to use flash with flash com server for listen to music from another computer...  I see we can change the rate.. but anything else?
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MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Yes, in the publish settings, check out the Flash Tab. Near the bottom you will see settins for Audio Stream and Audio Event. Hit the SET button and make your changes there.

You set the mic quality using:


Replace kHz with either: 11, 22, or 44

Example - best quality:

The only valid values are: 5, 8, 11, 22 and 44

The default is 8, which is horrible quality.

44 will cause skipping for users on anything less than ultra-hi-speed broadband.

22 is always a good one to go with.


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Yard072999Author Commented:
Hi Iammontoya, I try those setting, but that not change anything... right now I'm connecting to my flash com, and when it "upload" the audio only, it upload it at 3kbytes/sec ~ 24 kbps, and I set the mp3 at 128... so that not change anything :(

Hi sam85281, those setting is for the rate, like 22025 hz or 44050, that not change the "qualiter" like mp3 128 or mp3 32...
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Oh, I thought you were trying to change mic quality.

If your mp3 are embeded IN your swf.
Right-click your mp3 in the library, choose export options and set your quality there.

If you are streaming your mp3s externally.
You need to rip your mp3 at the quality you want it, flash has nothing to do with it.

Yard072999Author Commented:
My error :) you're right I Want change the mic quality, but not the sample rate but the bitrate... like a mp3 128, you have 128 kbit rate, and you can have 44100 or 22050 sample rate...  I know you can change the sample rate by setrate, but can we change the bit rate?
Well bitrate is typically a term used for PLAYBACK, not recording.  Sample rate is used when recording.

By using a higher sample rate for recording, you are creating a higher bitrate for playback.

I can't remember, off the top of my head, all the math and theory behind it, but you can basically get the "bitrate" using a formula and the sample rate and bit DEPTH of the microphone.  You can google audio theory if you want, but it doesn't really help what you want to do.

If you want to record at higher quality, you set the SAMPLE RATE higher, 22 suggested.

Yard072999Author Commented:
you';re right , when I put more samplerate the quality and bandwidth change... thx I will check abut that formula
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