Which technology to be used LeasedLine,Broadband,ISDN

We are maiking a windows application using dotnet.this is based on a centralized database server.
We are implementing this application  in a state. The database server will be located at one central position.
Clients will be far apart from the database Server..
There may be a distance of 20-30 Kms between these locations and database server..
We are using Sql server2000 as database server.

So my question is:
 What type of connectivity media should be used?
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"These days" many dispersed networks and users are relying on VPN's over their broadband Internet connection.

Usually developers don't care about the physical media used to make a connection.  However, it might be wise planning on higher latency if you know your users are remote.

I'm not a developer - but it's my understanding that for remote data base use the main thing is to properly develop a true client-server database model so that table sizes which traverse the connection between client and server are minimized and most processing is done on the server.

You might want to ask this question in a programmer or data base forum.

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ISDN: It Still Does Nothing.
Broadband: often asymmetric, and that can lead to bursts of high latency.
Leased Line: you get what you pay for.
pseudocyber just reminded me of an epic struggle between network and database people.  Doing a big SQL query between client and server takes up a lot of bandwidth.  Network people don't like that;it boggs everything down.  Also not a big issue, large numbers of open database sessions (its not one connection per user, its one connection per table that is opened by the user; the occassional ACKs (I don't know the actual database termonology) to keep those connections active can be an issue for database people.  If the line hiccups; those sessions are lost and depending on the resilency of the database engine; there could be corruptions.

Depending on what you need, like if you are going to a site with multiple users, it may be recommendable to go with some sort of leased line technology, but it will cost.  If its indivuals, well anything you can get your hands on.  In terms of developing, I do hope you take the above into consideration and put a front end on and not have the users do queries from their workstations and instead permit the frontend servers to do the actual queries.

ECNSSMT's comment is exactly what I'm talking about.  Over a comparatively "high speed" LAN - 100Mb full duplex - it's not so much of an issue.  But over a WAN or Dial up/VPN connection, it can quickly become a major issue/deal breaker.
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