My CDs are not Blank


this is a first question :)

I have a collection of CDs for AppDev course. it is CD-R cds. I run them before in my computer and they are work.

but recently when I try to run them. CD drive display that they are blank cds and they are not.

I tested running CDs on other computer. they worked correctly and they are not blank.

So the problem from my CD drive . How I can sovle this problem ??

Thank you.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Replace the CD rom drive
You've tested other CDs.  Were they CD-Rs or just ordinary CDs?

You need to test other CD-Rs as well.  CD-Rs need a stronger laser than ordinary CDs.  If ordinary CDs work and CD-Rs don't then it could very well be the CDROM drive.

Other possibilities are that you have CD-Rs that are not finalised (closed) and the system can't handle them.
you can :
-delete the drive from device management, and reboot, or try updated drivers
-replace the ide cable
-test the drive on another PC, to be sure it is bad
-connect another cd drive to your PC and check if it reads the cd's
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almarwaAuthor Commented:
What ???
replace my CD rom drive ,CD drive run CDs Just those CD-R not run them.

I test CDs for Learn English, CD drive run them. So CD drive is work but there is problem with CD-R cds.

I need another solution.
almarwaAuthor Commented:
note :CD drive run those CD-R before.
You can run a CDROM drive cleaner on the drive.  This is a special CD disk that will clean the lens of the laser and remove any dust.

It is possible that your CD-R disks were not finalised or closed when burnt.  Sometimes a special driver is needed to view CD-R disks that have not been closed or finalised.  It is possible you have removed this driver by removing or installing another application such as a different CD burner application.

Again the laser may be failing, it can be strong enough to read CDs but not strong enough to read CD-Rs.

Read nobus comment again.  You may need to test your CDROM drive in another machine.
you can test what happens with what i listed. If you will not even try to be sure what happens , ok , fine with me.
Try non-blank CD-R's that were burnt on different hardware, and also use different brands of CD-R's. sometimes the drives are aligned differently and can't read them when burnt on certain hardware. Also the quality of the CD-R's can be quite different, so you may be able to read them on some drives and not on others.

Also run the following download, it may correct settings in the registry (reboot when done):
almarwaAuthor Commented:
Immmmmmm I think there is very important notes you did't note.

CD drive had run those CD-R cds in the past and I tested CDs on another computer CDs were working correctly.

So there is a problem in CD drive.

I tested different CD-R CD brands. All of them didn't work but they are work on another computer.

I will test a cleaner.  but what I do if the cleaner is not sovle the problem ??

Testing CD-Drive on another computer is not possible to me because it is  CD-Drive for Laptop.

I have collection of 12 cds. I had tested since 4 months  and all of them were working . Now they are not but working on another computer.

who say maybe CDs  are not closed . I think that not sovle because CD- Drive had run them before.

Thank you all for your answers but I am still need help :(


the most probable is that the drive died. you will have to replace it.
You can look on ebay for the same model of laptop / cd drive.
another way to test the drive is booting from a bootable cd, like the xindoxs XP cd, or knoppix :
To check if it is a hardware problem, burn a CD on another drive that is bootable, like the UBCD. If you can't boot the problem PC with that, the drive is broken, if you can boot that CD, the hardware is OK.
who say maybe CDs  are not closed . I think that not sovle because CD- Drive had run them before

This still may be the case? I know if you don't have the software installed that you used to burn these disk it is possible it will not read them any longer because it requires the software to read the disk since they were not closed.....Just a thought!
What has changed on the system since they last worked?

Go back and try to remember what configuration changes/software updates or installs you've done. This may have some bearing on the issue.
Well, we know the CD drive works, because it can read 'some CDs' but not these CD-Rs.

We know the CD-Rs are fine, because they run on other computers.

YOUR LASER LENS IS DIRTY, and this situation is extremely common.  Clean it, exactly as DBrunton suggested about 10 replies back.

You can use a CD "cleaning kit" (which uses tiny brushes to dust off the laser lens), or you can use canned air.

If you use canned air, here's how you clean the lenses:

Eject the media tray, and observe the holes in the tray...these are the holes the lasers shoot through to access the media.

Now, visiualize where inside the drive those holes would be, if you closed the tray.  Spray your canned air into the CD drive, aimed at that visualized point (or two points) within the drive.  Use very short quick bursts of air (you don't want condensation/water vapor from the cold air spray to get into the drive).

Don't be afraid to use up the canned air...this can be a difficult to hit target (laser lenses are about 3-5mm in diameter), and the dust can be quite sticky.  Just keep the air bursts short, and let the can warm up in your hands for a minute, after 5-10 sprays, to minimize condensation.

Hope that helps!


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