Dear All,

    I have DNS server installed on my windows 2003 server DC1 ( the first DC in my domain), also I have another DC running windows 2003 called DC2,
I have installed the DNS in the second server also, The zone in both are active directory integrated, Now im having some problmes sucj as when I ping an Ip for example
ping -a its replying from another host name ??, what is the problem, is its because I have two seperate DNS server running the same zones.

Note, I did not configure the secondary DNS in another server.

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Hi ibmas4002,

thats no problem, in fact its reccomended that you have two dns servers. did you allow the zones to replicate or did you manually create z new zone on your second server

ibmas4002Author Commented:
Ok I know that two DNs is recomended, but they both at as server, I mean no one is secondary, The replication is not configured, I mean under zone transfer its configured to replicate to any server under the name server, and under the name server DC1 and Dc2.

Do you have WINS running at all?  If so, that could be the culprit.

You are probably running into situations where there are multiple A records for the same IP address, probably because of DHCP.  Go into one of the DNS admin consoles, and look in the forward lookup zone and see if that is the case.

You'll need to turn on scavenging which isn't done by default.  This will clear out stale records.

Also, be sure and follow this article that will make sure you setup dynamic dns updates correctly, as most do not:


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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
The problem is coming from your reverse lookup zone.  On your reverse zone make sure you have setup scavaging of stale records.  When the IP of a computer changes it will create a new reverse record instead of changing the old one.  When you ping -a it looks for the first record it sees with that IP and returns that name.  Have a look around the reverse zone, you will see what I mean.  It's very annoying and even with scavaging setup it will still never be perfect.

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