NetBackup 5.1 Maintenance Pack Upgrade

We are running NetBackup Enterprise Server 5.1 MP2 and want to upgrade to the latest MP4. Do you need to install the service pack on both the backup server AND client servers, or can you push the upgrade out to the client (agent) via the server? If so how is this done? I'm assuming from people I've already spoken to that you need to go around to every server and run the update (from CD).

Any help will be well received.


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Unfortunately, you need to run the patch on both the Master server and all clients. It's one of the downsides of Netbackup...I really hate it when MP's are released for it as it turns in to one of those weekend jobs you have to do when you'd sooner be at home! You'll also have to stop any SQL or Oracle databases you have running during the upgrade process if your clients have these on.

vkblue172Author Commented:
Thats exactly what I'll be doing over Easter! Thanks Ian!
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