Fastest MD5 implementation

Im looking for fastest MD5 brute force implementetion. Now I am using Colin
 Plumb's implementation for generating md5 diggest.

Using 10 000 000 combinations:
It takes 0.06s to make all combination
And about 17s to get md5 diggest for all combinations.

So its about 625.000 combinations/s. But its very slow compared to windows software PasswordPro.

It takes about the same time to make 100 000 000 combinations (about 20s).
So it makes 5 000 000 combinations/s.

So how can I improve perfomamce. Where to find for better md5 implementation?
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Have a look at Peter Guttman crypt library. He uses a lot of assembly to speed the code, and it's actively maintained  so I assume it's more geared towards modern computer architectures then Plumb's code created in 1993.
The code is under GPL license.

Or are you looking for stand alone programs to just generate them ?
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