Tool for finding keywords used on multiple sites....

I need to analyse what keywords re used on multiple competitor sites (about 12)

Does such a tool exist or do i need to analyse each site individually.

I want to gain a lead over these competitors for the same keywords, the client i am working on has a overwhelming lead on its competitors offline but not in the onlne market.

Many thanks

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Hi Shane,

I am sure there MUST be a tool for something like this.

If you cant find one then the best bet would be to work through a meta tag keyword extractor which is available freely or with many popular softwares.

Those are the primary keywords the site is concentrating on.


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ShaneJonesAuthor Commented:

Exactly my thoughts,,, just not looking hard enough maybe.

As well as meta tags i am also looking for the words / phrases the the SE spiders see on the page / site.

" words / phrases the the SE spiders see on the page / site"
I understand exactly what you mean.

Let me know if you find a solution or i will develop an application in VB for the same :)

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Have you checked out something like or maybe even to see if that supports your needs?

Wordtracker's lateral search function gives you some of this in a generic fashion.  You don't really control the sites that lateral searches are being done on

Keyword Elite gives some of these functions but is rather expensive.  I use it for PPC work. gives a quick glance at some basic meta tag results.  I really like this tool for quick searches.

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