2 Leased Machines, How do I configure Private Network

I'm really a software developer but we're leasing two machines in a datacentre to host our software.
They are both Windows 2003 servers and both have 2 network cards. 1 each to connect to the network and the other one connected with a cross cable to each other.
I want to be able to configure a private network between the two machines but I don't even know how to allocate an IP address to the private NIC cards. Each machine has 5 IP Addresses each. I would also like to at a later date to have VPN connections into this private network from our local machines.
Thanks for any help.

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On the two NICs connected to each other with a crossover cable, in the TCP/IP properties, enter a "static IP" - not dynamic.

On Machine1

On Machine2

This assumes you're not using a network anywhere else.  I would not put a default gateway on them, because you don't want to do any default traffic out these interfaces, you only want traffic which is specifically going to the other machine.

That's all you have to do.  The machines will learn of directly attached networks and will be able to talk to each other.

If you want to make it a little easier for yourself, you could modify the hosts file at,
You could put in a name for the other machine and the IP address       Othermachinename

Then you could refer to the other machine by it's name "Othermachinename" instead of the IP - this is a better way to code - to request a variable name for the other machines and then have the code refer to that machine name - that way end users can change IP's without affecting code.

Hope this helps.

homedaqAuthor Commented:
Should I use one of my allocated IP on each machine would this be safer in the long run.

I'm assuming you're going to use your other allocated IP's on your other NIC's right?  Odds are they're in the same network.  

You want private IP's which the servers will know about and not route out their default gateways (your other NICs)

     |                                             |
Allocaed IP1                          Allocated IP2                

Server1                                    Server2

 PrivateIP1                                   PrivateIP2 Crossover Cable----
homedaqAuthor Commented:
Thanks for help.
You're welcome.
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