Hello all Experts,

I want to learn about Linux so i have been browsing the Internet about it.
I discovered that i can install Linux on a machine which has windows and dual boot.
It all sounds briliant - thing is i don't know how to do this ?
Can someone please help me and possibly give me instrustions on how to do this.
Also where can i get "Linux" it is a free Operating System isnt it ?

Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated ! :-)

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The way I do this is by creating some free space on my hard drive first.
So lets say I had a HDD of 80Gb with Windows (NTFS) using all 80 Gb - In Windows I would use Partition Magic (or Computer Management -> Disks) to reduce the size of this primary partition to say 50 Gb - leaving 30 Gb of unallocated space.

I would then boot into the linux install CDs (e.g. Kubuntu).
The install wizards ask if you want to remove all exisiting partitions and only install Linux - I do not do this. I change it to Use Existing Free Space. In the example of Kubuntu the install carries on with Kubuntu adding the necessary linux partitions (swap and ext3) into your unallocated disk space. Later in the install Kubuntu will check for other operating systems on your computer and add these to Grub (Boot Manager) . In future when you boot your machine you will be given the option of booting into Kubunut or Windows.

I used to use Suse and it was more or less similar.

Hope this helps,
To start off it is probably wiser not to install it but rather use one of the many liveCD's or LiveDVD's. You just pop the CD or DVD into a bootable drive and boot the PC. A fully functional linux distro starts up with a lot of tools included, like openoffice etc. The best such distro is knoppix, but SuSE and mandrivia also have live CD's.

You can get many other distro's from the following link:

The installtion is usually easy, just pop in the inst CD and boot, then follow the instructions. All you need is unpartitioned space on your HD.
A sort description of what you need:

1) Find out the distribution that fits you best at
    distro's that could fit a newcomer are Ubuntu,Fedora or Mandriva
2) Make sure you free space on the hardrive you wish before you start the installation process.
3) Read a howto of the distribution you selected on howto to install.
4) You will need to install lilo or grub, which ship with ALL distros as a boot manager & configure it for dual booting.
5) Return to this thread to ask further questions
6) Return to this thread to read possible answers
7) Show us the "money" !!!

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