FTP from behind a proxy

I am having trouble with FTP and Remote Desktop etc proxy settings. I am inside a corporate network and Web Browsing works fine as I set the proxy details within the browser. On windows I was able to FTP and Remote Desktop. This has been allowed corporately for my IP address - so basically my IP is allowed through the firewall.

FTP and RDP work within my local network but do not go out to the internet.

I think it is a proxy problem so I have added:
export http_proxy=""

to 3 different files:

After this wget seems to be working at the command line but FTP does not. When I type :
it works fine but when I type
it does not work with an error 'Network is unreachable'.
Although ftp to a machine on my same subnet works e.g. ftp

 I need to know what to put in to these files so that FTP, RDP, TELNET etc will go through the proxy also.

I'm not sure if the following is possible:
export rdp_proxy="rdp://"

My question is: Do I need to set http_proxy, ftp_proxy and even rdp_proxy somewhere to get this running?
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To make the affects system wide you can put it in either /etc/bashrc or /etc/profile

if however you want to make it local to you edit the ~/.bashrc file and append your varibles here are the ones you will want:


export http_proxy https_proxy ftp_proxy rdp_proxy

if the above has been added you your ~/.bashrc file every time you login these variables will
be set
jonnymccullaghAuthor Commented:
Ok I added:

to .bashrc
rebooted then at the command line did export ftp_proxy

and I still get the error message "ftp: connect: Network is unreachable" and a similar message using rdesktop.
I'm lost - although I am a wee bit suspicious about my network settings which have my IP address as but under advanced has Broadcast:
Does this mean that proxies/firewalls see me as rather than my real IP address?
Thanks for the help,

Whats your Proxy servers IP address? also try pining it to see if you get a reply.
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rdp_proxy="" this line has no meaning, since rdesktop doesn't use any proxy variables and cannot connect via http:// proxy

also 'ftp' client don't know about ftp_proxy variable. That's why it says 'ftp: connect: Network is unreachable'

There is a list of utilities, that use *_proxy env variables:

so you may use 'links ftp://remote.site.com/' for browsing remote ftp directory and downloading some files
or 'wget ftp://remote.site.com/remote.file.tar.gz' for retrieving file
You may also setup your Mozilla browser to use http:// proxy for ftp transfers.
jonnymccullaghAuthor Commented:
OK maybe my inability to FTP and Remote Desktop is a symptom of a wider problem?
I am able to ping addresses in my own subnet only (inc my proxy) - I cannot ping to addresses on other networks on my WAN which I should be able to.
Maybe there is something else I should be doing for network settings?

Using kubuntu if it is important.
Ok, it may be a bigger problem.
Now some questions:
1) Do you administer that proxy?
2) Does your proxy also a default router of your network?
3) Do you use private IP addressing inside LAN?
4) What is a netmask of your LAN?

If you don't know answers to these quistons or they seems have no meaning, then you have a  problem :-)

If you know all the answers:
1) Check that netmask and default router in your machine is the same as on your proxy (if proxy is inside your LAN)
2) Check if your default router also doing NAT if you are using private addresses inside your LAN
3) Check if firewall (either local or on rouyter) permits your traffic to go outside your router.
4) Check you have valid DNS-es in /etc/resolv.conf
5) Check accessability of your router 'ping it'
6) Check accessability of your DNSes (if they are external), also ping them and 'nslookup google.com'

If all checks are OK, then I see no problems.

jonnymccullaghAuthor Commented:
I got to the bottom of this problem myself after finding this article:

Apparently Kubuntu has a bug with holding on to the Gateway address so I had to manually add the gateway address to get FTP and RDP working.
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