Dynamic DNS and webhosting

Ok so I have a Cisco router that obtains a Dynamic IP address from my ISP. I have a webserver Internally that I can access externally from my dynamic DNS assigned name "example.gotdns.com". Now,  I have registered a "proper" name from a domain reg company. www.example.co.uk. They want an IP address for the  fowarders,  but obsviously I have a dynamic IP. Can I  use my newley registered domain name still??

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Here's their HowTo section.... you'll have to go to whoever you registered your name with and edit the DNS entries.

But you'll also have to log into DynDNS and change your account so that you're signed up for the Custom service instead of Dynamic.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
You want to get a CNAME entry in your new domain to point to the dnyamnic dns service. You don't want web forwarding, just a proper DNS entry:


www    CNAME    example.gotdns.com

Then when someone accesses www.yourdomain.com it will lookup the dynamic name to get the IP address and return that to the client.

If your addresses changes you may end up having users with cached addresses for a period of time though.

Your best bet would be to talk to your ISP and see if there is any way you can receive a static ip address.   If that is not possible then possibly if you pay for your dynamic dns services they can give you a static ip to point your domain name to.
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YourDomain.com     ->      No ip.com            -> Software

i have personally never used this but a friend of mine has and it worked okay. the software sends the ip to no-ip.com which you can point yourdomain too
mattacukAuthor Commented:
  There does not appear to be no option for  cname records on my reg company! only A host and MX records which i obviously  dont want.
Agree with Dragon.

Just to elaborate a little - the CNAME is an alias.  It's the name you're going to give to users.  When its setup, it is configured to refer over to the A Record - the "real" name you're given by the dynamic dns service - ie. example.gotdns.com.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Choose a different provider then :-)

I use 123reg (.co.uk I think) and they will do it.  You can't do it with only A records .
mattacukAuthor Commented:
Looks like I have  wasted a Fiver then! :-(
I don't know what dynamic DNS service you're using, but DynDNS will let you use your OWN domain name if you purchase their Custom DNS service, which will support static or dynamic IP addresses on your end.

mattacukAuthor Commented:
      I am registered with dyndns. Which tool will alow me to do this??

thanks for your help everyone btw.
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