XP / RealVNC - OS Login causes VNC disconnect, VNC connect causes OS User Logout

We are attempting to create a shareable training environment on a remote machine. Where the trainer (an outside contractor) will have one-on-one sessions (over the phone) with an individual remotely connected to the trainers machine viewing what the trainer is doing, while talking on the phone.

Our situation: RealVNC is installed on the trainers remote XP Pro (possibly Home or an upgraded Home installation, it is unclear at this point) PC which, theoretically, should work, but whenever we connect via VNC the user logged in at the remote system gets booted out to the login screen. Through VNC we can control the machine, as expected, though the local user is unable to see the session. When the trainer attempts local login VNC gets disconnected. Oddly enough, VNC seems to be acting like a Terminal Services client. I think the remote unit is often used to connect to other networks using RealVNC or Remote Desktop Connections.

Now, not that I am not interested in other possible configuration, please understand that the remote machine is out of our control, for the most part. The latest version of RealVNC was already installed on it. All I really need is possible solutions to this scenario, as the owner of the remote system is resistant to any change that is not absolutely necessary. If this scenario cannot be solved, then I might need other options.

We are not terribly familiar with Microsoft NetMeeting but understand that it might suffice as a possible alternative to the above. Any opinions or caveats regarding NetMeeting are welcome.

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Net Meeting would help in your scenario. We use it extensively and also keyboard control can be exchanged between bopth the parties. And either parties can actually see what is going on. Also, you don't have to install anything as it comes with the windows OS. To enable net meeting look at the following links:


http://www.microsoft.com/windows/netmeeting/features/default.asp (look at the remote desktop sharing)

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This sounds really strange I've never heart of vnc acting this way I am a administrator that uses vnc on probably 50 machines and I've never seen this behavior, there are just a couple questions that I have. One are you using fast user switching? and is there someone already logged into the machine? I don't know if that's possible vnc should just send  you the current screens and inputs but I guess if you had fast user switching and two people logged in it might get confused as to what it's supposed to be sending you. second have you tried using another type of vnc? I would try running Ultr@ VNC it work very very similar to real vnc but with a couple differences one being that it supports file transfers which is kind of a nice feature for vnc to have.
PS you can use a real vnc viewer to connect to a ultra vnc server and vice vers.
boris711Author Commented:
I use RealVNC quite extensively also, and have never seen this behavior. As I recall, this machine does Fast-User enabled, but I certainly would not have expected VNC to impacted by it. I haven't tried any of the other flavors of VNC, yet, but I did download them this morning.

Anyway, I think NetMeeting will do the trick.
Thanks guys!
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