Lotus Domino Server Crash when router start?

Hi All,

Why is that whenever domino load the router task we got this error:

Stack Base = 0x302284e0, Stack Size = 2504 bytes
Fatal Error Signal = 0x0000000b  PID/TID/K-TID = 43768/1029/28151

We've tried the following but still got the same error::
1. delete mail.box
2. configure server to have 2 or 3 mail.box
3. increase paging
4. increase the /etc/security/limits
              fsize = -1
             core = -1
             cpu = -1
             data = -1
             rss = 65536
             stack = 65536
             nofiles = 4000
   user>note     fsize=-1

5. also tried to reinstall domino programs
6. applied domino fix pack IF1
7. remove anti-virus trend

If the domino router task isn't running, the domino works fine.. We've been using the domino since 2004 running on AIX.. How come the router suddenly crash??? But if the rouer is not running we cannot router emails..

* Details:
Lotus domino 6.5.1
AIX 5.2

Please advice,
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
There's no line with PANIC...? That would make it a lot easier.

Maybe you need an upgrade to at least 6.5.2-1:
Some things to check that I've seen that's killed our is faulty emails.  Usually it's when someone has sent an email with a huge attachment (something like a 100mb or more).  Within the last two months we have also had an html email coming in that would try to get deciphered by the router and crap it out as well.  It just has some type of html in it that notes doesn't like.  It will usually be the earliest one left in the mail.box.  Deleting these from the mail.box and then restarting the router will work.
lordfdAuthor Commented:
We have a "Everyone" group address wherein all of our employees are listed, 350 users.. Wheneverwe send to "Everyone" group that's when the router crash...

For example i only send a TESTMAIL on the subject and send it to everyone group, after sending it that's the time the error would occur.

I've also tried to put a nested group instead of listing down all the users. i've tried to put on two groups inside the Everyone Group... Maingroup and Remotegroup, Maingroup is 200 users and Remotegroup is 150 users... But still the error occur, even if i only put one group inside the Everyone Group...

Please extend more help!
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Please extend more points!

Your groups (or the NAB-database) may be corrupt. What happens if you send a mail to Maingroup? The server crashes also?

Morge points might attract other experts. I'm sorry, I don't have more info...
lordfdAuthor Commented:
Yes. If you send mails to Everyone Group, the Router task crashes.

Please advice.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I understand that the server crashes when you send mail to the Everyone group. But what happens when you send mail to some other group, e.g. to Maingroup?
lordfdAuthor Commented:
I also tried sending to a group still Router Task crash... The group composed of 20 users only...

Please Help
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Install an upgrade, that's the only thing I can advise. Sorry.

If you were around the corner, I'd come by your office. I suppose a plain ticket is out of the question?

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lordfdAuthor Commented:
Thanks sjef bosman...

Yup i think an upgrade from R6.5.1 to R6.5.4 will do the trick..

Points for you!

More Power..
lordfdAuthor Commented:
Hi sjef_bosman,

I've already upgraded from 6.5.1 to 6.5.4  unfortunately we still got the same error.

Stack Base=0x302284e0, Stack Size=2504 bytes
Fatal Error Signal = 0x0000000B  PID/TID/K-TID=43768/1029/28151
Too many crashes, restart disable

Anyway, points still for you!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Oooh... That's bad.

From the following document:

"Troubleshooting Domino server crashes

If Domino has crashed and is not able to restart, remove tasks from the Notes.ini variable Servertask and attempt to narrow down and identify the task causing the crash. When you suspect a particular task is causing the problem, open the server console and narrow down the possible error messages generated by task. For example, if the router crashed while accessing mail in Mail.box, rename Mail.box and allow the server to recreate Mail.box."

It could also be the connection Document that the router uses, from the NAB. Or a problem with the log database. Or some other corrupt database the router needs.
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