Instant synchronisation/replication of VMware virtual machines

Dear All

I am considering using VMware to run 2 virtual machines: Windows SBS 2003 & Windows Server 2003. To save expensive Windows licensing costs, I would like to have the VMware host run Linux.

While up and running, I would like these VMware images to be instantly duplicated (synchronised at block level?) elsewhere on my network (i.e. a NAS running Linux). Hence, any changes happening within either virtual server (Exchange db, AD, data files etc.) are also saved elsewhere on my network in case of hardware failure of the VMware host.

Any ideas how I can do this? Is there Linux-based replication/synchronisation software available out there?

Many thanks for your help & comments.
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Yes. Check for this:

I'd suggest using vmware-scripting. Take a snapshot of the VM via the vmware scripting API, then copy the snapshot over to the backupspace. For copying I'd use rsync, since it only transfers incrementals on block layer. -->


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