Photoshop 7.01 .eps problem

I have some users that are exporting Macintosh .eps files from Freehand MX v. 11.0 Build 416.  When they try to open the .eps in Photoshop 7.0.1, they just get a blank palette.  All machines are running OS 10.3.9, Photoshop 7.0.1 and Freehand MX 11 Build 416.  I do have one machine that can open them, but the other 4 machines cannot.  Is there a preferences setting somewhere that needs to be changed?



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Freehand MX is a real dog. Macromedia pulled the plug on the product as soon as they started talking to Adobe about the merger and the product wasn't finished. It has significant problems with fonts in printing and exporting to EPS. I would suggest exporting the file to JPEG and let Freehand do the rasterization. You can click the setup button before saving the JPEG and select a resolution and compression quality.
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Was it ever not inferior to Illustrator? Not in my recollection... FWIW

JeremywAuthor Commented:
I talked to our artists about walkerke's suggestion and they said that they had tried that before and it didn't work for them.

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I have used it in several situations and it worked OK. Perhaps their situation is different. They could also export the document as a PDF and open the PDF in Photoshop.

Do they have access to a newer version of Photoshop? That could be the issue with the EPS. Which kind of EPS are they exporting as, Macintosh EPS? They could also try Generic EPS, MS-DOS EPS, or Photoshop 3 EPS. (I wouldn't try QuarkXPress EPS.) Try deselecting "Include Freehand document" to see if that makes a difference.

And, finally, Freehand MX has the ability to export as Photoshop 5. Surely that would look right when opened in Photoshop.
BTW, there were two patches released for Freehand MX, the latest in Feb '04 which made the version 11.0.2 (I think the build was 96). These patches did fix a few of the problems but left a great many problems unresolved. I have been unable to find any release notes, but I seem to recall some issues with EPS export were among those resolved.

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JeremywAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I will update their versions and see if that takes care of it.  
I'd like my efforts to be recognized in that disposition.
JeremywAuthor Commented:
The suggestions above did not take care of the problem they were having.  But, I will give walkerke the points for the suggestions.

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