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Backup Exec 10.X - Printers not showing up in list of target printers when adding a new printer recipient.

Backup Exec 10.1 -  Printers not showing up in list of target printers when adding a new printer recipient.  

Actually, that is not entirely true.  It displays only the "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" printer however a test to it will not bring up the 'Save File' window.  I also tried to redirect that "printer" to print to a different port (to a network printer) as well as change the driver to that same network printer - all to no avail.

I have scoured the net trying to resolve my issue with no success.  Stopping and starting the BE services did not work and restarting the server did not work.  I even restarted the spooler service just for kicks.

I also set up a local (LPT1) printer and did a 'net use' to a shared printer on the same server to no avail.  There are no physical 'LPT' ports available on this server.

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?  I guess I am fortunate in that my mail recipients function correctly, as a lot of people had issues with both.  These problems started after the upgrade to 10d.

Thanks all.
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slsmithAuthor Commented:
Never mind everyone.  After searching all morning for this fix, it was right under my nose.  Here is the link on veritas that provided the fix:


And here is the fix in case they get rid of it there:

 Re: Lost printers after upgrade
Posted: Mar 31, 2005 4:17 AM Mar 31, 2005 4:17 AM    Janis Vanderpool    

There is a bug with BE when doing an upgrade - it will not upgrade 1 of the dll's needed for the printer notification.

The dll is call signoteprint100.dll - it's found in C:\program files\veritas\backup exec\nt directory.

Couple of ways to get the proper dll loaded..

1. Install BE 10 fresh on a test machine - and manually copy the file to the BE media server - restart the BE services.
2. Rename signoteprint100.dll and then run a repair of the BE installation.
3. Extract signoteprint100.dll manually from the data.cab file found on the installation source in \winnt\install\be directory

The file size of signoteprint100.dll should be about 125k. The one in 9.1 is about 85k or so.  

*****The first 5 people to respond to this question with only the link copied and pasted into the message body will get 100 points each - just for looking at my original question.  I hope this is not against the rules.*****

Thanks all!
Backup exec is riddled with bugs, 20% of questions on "storage" relate to BE problems.  Isn't it time you moved to a more advanced backup strategy, like cloning your disk to a remote network share, or the like?  Look at Symantec live state recovery, or any program that can incrementally backup the REGISTRY and open files to a remote share on your network.  That is the way of the future, Backup Exxx is xxx dying.

How can you not take free points ;-)

You have to love BE though... 80% of the patches, hotfixs and service packs will fix your original issue and create 3-4 more...
I used to support it when it was Arcada Backup Exec, each time another company buys it they introduce new 'features' that disable the old. However if you consider it to be a feature-rich tool to configure your backup on rather than something that will do the job for you it's not much different than the rest.

I'll ask CS to reduce points to 0 since you found answer before we did.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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