How to change MS Office temp folder. I need to redirect temp file to another folder

How to change MS Office temp folder. I need to redirect temp file to another folder
How can i change the folder where MS Office saves the Temp Files?

I have auditing enabled to track file deletions. Every time a user clses a Office file, the Temp file is deleted and the audit records a deletion of file in the system.

I need to redirect the creation of the temp file to another folder, different of the default (by default, Office creates the temp fil on the same folder of the file beeing edited)
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Hello fborup,

See this page - it refers to Word, but I assume the same is true for all Office apps:

Specifically, it states: "The location where Word creates the temporary files is hardcoded information and cannot be edited."

The same page lists the types of temporary files that Word/Office creates.  Perhaps you can use this to wildcard exemptions in the auditing configuration (if you can do that - I don't know!).


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hmmm, i dont know if it works for the whole office suite, but i changed my temp folder in MS Word by doing this:

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the File Locations tab.
In the File types list, click Documents.
Click Modify.
To select an existing folder to display as the default working folder (working folder: The folder in which your documents appear when you open or save them. If you select another folder when opening or saving, that folder becomes the working folder. You can set the startup location of this folder in most Office applications.), locate and click the folder you want in the folder list.
To create a new folder to display as the default working folder, click Create New Folder , and then type a name for the new folder in the Name box.

have fun
The office suite is set up to where there is no "global" temp folder.  There used to be in earlier version of windows, it was windows/temp.  But the new office allows (and presets) individual temps for each app - so you have to set one for Excel, on for word, one for Access and one for PP.  This is only about 3 mins work.
You can also change the user and system environmental variables for the temp directory.
right click my computer, properties, advanced, environmental variables.
I'm interested in it's final disposition.

Myself (sda100) and Scrathcyboy have answered the question.

Steve :)
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