Time in Germany by using EST(USA).

I need a way to find out the time in Germany by using the time in my computer: Eastern Standard Time in the US. The problem comes when the Daylight savings time is in action.
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Germany is 6 hours ahead of us (EST)

so with vbscript:

NOW() is the time right now

just do:
I don't believe Daylight Savings Time will matter, as far as I know they will always be 6 hours ahead of us.....that is, unless the tilt and orbit of the earth changes in our lifetime :)

Daylight Savings Time will matter, because there are different dates when they start and stop Daylight Savings period for EST and CET.

check answer based on the database table at

or just use general approach, add subtract difference in hours from your time.
Change number of hours depending on current date.
Make functions:
f1, which calculates difference between your time and GMT, you will always get correct difference for your time zone due to OS functionality.
f2, which calculates difference between CET (Central Europe Time - Germany time) and GMT,
it takes daylignt saving into consideration. If current date is within daylight savings period, function returns 2, otherwise 1.

sum of the results of these two functions is number of hours, which you should subtract from you current time.

Regularly, in Germany, the "daylight savings period" starts at the last sunday in march (2:00 AM), and ends at the last sunday in october (3:00 AM)

I guess it's not a big deal to calculate the date of the last sunday for march and october.

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