Footnote in Access Report

I need to have three labels show a little 1, 2, and 3. Like a footnote function

Does anyone know how to do this??
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You could put it in the report's footer.  Not sure exactally what you are wanting to do though.  Are they always going to be there or are there times you may have only 1 footnote?

smoschkauAuthor Commented:
It is a one page report- that has 3 data sources. At the end of each elment name I would like to note that it come from either Data source 1, 2 or 3. That way it will save space.

That explains it a little better, I think?
You would have to store your data sources in a table and have a way that shows what data source each record is being used.

You could have something like

Dogs have four legs (1)

and at the bottom of your report in the footer put

(1) - Webster Dictionary

If the 3 sources are always used, you could type those sources on the footer of your report in a label.

Table: data_sources_codes
ds_id      ds_name
1      data source 1
2      data source 2
3      data source 3

Table: data_sources_trx
ds_id      item
1      item 1
1      item 4
1      item 5
2      item 2
2      item 6
2      item 7
3      item 3

Report: data_sources_codes
Recordsource: data_sources_codes

Report: data_sources_trx
recordsource: data_sources_trx

In footer, insert subreport   data_sources_codes
not linked to main report (clear link fields)

Result of example:
item      ds_id            
item 1      1            
item 2      2            
item 3      3            
item 4      1            
item 5      1            
item 6      2            
item 7      2      

Page footer----------------------------
ds_id      ds_name
1      data source 1
2      data source 2
3      data source 3

Good luck!

Is this a formatting issue? You just need the superscipt versions of 123?
°¹²³ are respectively Chr(186), Chr(185), Chr(178), Chr(179)

If you need higher numbers, these are only Unicode:
⁴⁹ are ChrW(8308) - ChrW(8313), or ChrW(&h2074) - ChrW(&h2079)

You can add these characters using Window's character map or these expressions, and for the first four with Alt+[Numpad]0<number>. For example, you can have a label with: ² source .......

If you need help on how to add the superscript number to your data, we will need to know how you combine the three tables or data sources.


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