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Hi, we have a website https://my.abc.com, but the customers get confused and type https://myabc.com and www.myabc.com.
we are using IIS 6.0 in w2k3 server, i looked at redirecting through IIS 6.0, can the experts explain on the steps i should do
and if it increase the load on the webservers?

Please help
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

If you want ti redirect the http://abc.com to https://myabc.com 

1.You have both the domain registered means if your domain abc.com registred then you have to also registred domain name with myabc.com ok
2. If you redirect to https:// site means that site have to installed SSL certicate also
3.my.abc.com here my is used like www record so you just create my A record in DNS setting
which i think you have already create .

In the window server you have to two way to redirect website if above condition you have done.

1.Through ASP redirect script : Create a HTTP ASP redirect script and upload on domain
'http://my.abc.com' as Index.asp.It will redirect your http request to domain 'https://myabc.com'.

2. Through IIS host header: The Host header of the domain will be create through IIS
In IIS there is option of redirect domain

Sample Script for redirect (make a index.asp file )

<%Response.Buffer = True %>
<%Response.Redirect "https://myabc.com/index.aspx"%>

Website solution:


For www.myabc.com 
<%Response.Buffer = True %>
<%Response.Redirect "http://www.myabc.com/index.aspx"%>
Do you actually own the "myabc.com" domain, or only the "abc.com" domain?

If the latter and the former domain is owned by someone else, then it is not possible. This is because the faulty requests will be directed to the other domain by the dns entries for that domain, and will not even come near your server.

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