Storage Server MBR Borked

I have a client with a Windows Storage Server NAS.  The boot drive is software mirrored.  There is no CD-Rom in the machine, and no Storage Server OS CD was provided.  The boot disk is the first two physical drives mirrored.  The first disk had a problem and lost the MBR, not sure why.  I have to pull out the first disk for the NAS to boot.  When it's starting up I slide the disk back in and the machine works with no problems until it reboots.

Is there a utility that will fix the MBR on that first disk while Windows is still running?  Sorry if the scenario is hard to understand.
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You may have to break the mirror....  Use the good disk to boot.  Then re-establish the mirror.

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1.  I'm shocked that the OEM would even sell a WSS NAS without a hardware array controller (unless your client decided not to use the onboard controller for some strange reason).

2.  I would make sure you have backups of everything ASAP

3.  I would follow NJ's second statement if you insist on using software mirroring, but again, the fact that the client bought a NAS with WSS on it, should mean they are semi-serious about their setup, and using software mirroring isn't going to cut it.  That's like buying a Porsche 911 Turbo and asking if you can get cloth seats and a tape deck.
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jhowertonAuthor Commented:
I have no idea as to why it was setup the way that it was.  It has a hardware RAID controller.  I'll break the mirror and move everything to hardware type RAID.  I was searching to find something to be able to do this remotely as the client is well over an hour away and can't the machine down during business hours, but probably won't find anything.  

Thanks for the quick responses.  I'll split the points between you.
Very welcome.
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