A way to mount second HD in Mac Tiger??

I have a G5 PowerMac with two HD's.  One drive for all my apps and the other for downloads, saved projects, and so forth.  My question is that I'm wondering if there is a way to mount the second drive so that I can transfer files to/from via firewire.  Much like if I powered off the comuter then powered back on holding T.  I had attempted that but had no such luck, only the OS drive mounted.  I've search a handful of search engines, and haven't found anything.  Any info on this will be much appreciated.  Thanks again for your time.
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Both drives should mount using Firewire Target Disk Mode. My understanding is that only the primary drive would mount on older G4's but this problem was fixed on G5's. Have you tried it?

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agrassAuthor Commented:
To be honest, I didn't try it with my G5, I only had tried it with my G4.  I just powered up the G5 and held T, what do you know, both drives mounted.  You are the man.  Thank you very much for your help.  Much appreciated.  Transfer files as we speak.
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