Companyweb missing after installation.

I have installed a fresh install of Windows SBS 2003.  During installation I received an error about Sharepoint services company website not being able to be created or somthing the problem is I didn't write it down and can't remember the error.  The result.

When I go to http://Companyweb/  I get a page cannot be displayed.  

I can get to Central adimistation at http://localhost:8081 and I can get to the sharepoint admin page but there is nothing at comanyweb.

Is there a way I can reinstall just this part of the server without doing the whole install again.  

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is this the error you got?
eke-the-electronAuthor Commented:
Thanks that'll take me a while to go through I appeciate your searching for this.
eke-the-electronAuthor Commented:
I solved this problem by reinstalling with the new updated Disk 3.  This is important the old disk 3 has a bad .dll see microsoft article 829114 page 3.  If you cannot view the company web after installation this is most likly your problem.  The article descibes how to tell if your disk 3 is new, how to fix it without reinstalling.  however i did not have to much setup done so i went the reinstall route.  worked great with the updated disk 3.  The disks do not look any different and have all the same numbers on them.  Very confusing.  

Thanks for the reply.
Glad you got this problem fixed....  Thank you for posting how you got the problem fixed.  This will be useful for others having the same type of problem.
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