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This is normally the type of question that will result in scuffles and perhaps a few dead bodies when the smoke clears, but I am curious to know what every suggests for an FTP server on a windows box.

I need to make recommendation to a company of what FTP server they should use for allowing their clients to upload confidential information and have it be easily retrieved by staff.  Its important that each client be given individual access and not allowed to see each other's files.

I'm asking because I'm not sure if IIS can do this easily or the best.  I'm just wondering
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I like Filezilla for a good free one. You can get it from Sourceforge
IIS wont' do what you want. check this
IIS will definetly do what you want.... and it is not too difficult.
You want to setup your FTP site in 'user isolation mode' (google that phrase, and you will get plenty of walkthroughs on setting it up)

I use it at work and it works great...
be sure and set your NTFS permissions correctly, that is the key to IIS FTP.

Now, one thing to mention.... FTP is NOT a secure method of transferring data... there is no encryption...
There is something called SFTP (SecureFTP)... maybe something worth checking out...
also SCP (SecureCoPy)...
More info on SFTP and SCP and other Secure communication methods at:

you also may want to check out Chapter 5 & 6 of the docs:

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I have been experimenting with ServU from
I like the permissions controls that it offers, that some of the others do not seem to have. The granularity of control and features vary depending on the version you are interested in. They have a free version and 3 or 4 paid versions available.
Bulletproof FTP server is a little cheaper alternative
If the data is really confidential, then don't use Windows' built in FTP server.  Unless something has changed it does not support encrypted FTP.  Unless you get/write sometype of HTTP upload/download and your users are willing use a Web browser.

There are two types of secured FTP, one is SSH'ed FTP (SFTP) and the other is FTP SSL'ed (FTPS).   I perfer SSL'ed FTP because it is real FTP that is just encrypted.  Some people like SSH FTP because they like SSH.   SSH FTP is not a full blown implmentation of FTP, but if it meets your needs it is secure.

The product that RobWill recommended does support FTP SSL'ed.  Please note that you will also need a FTP Client that can do FTP SSL'ed, which the built in Windows client does NOT.

adamdrayerAuthor Commented:
uberpoop, User Isolation Mode is only available on Win2k3, correct?  I believe they have 2k3 servers, I just want to verify.

Thanks lrmoore,  yeah we have no problem with commercial products.  That's what I was hoping to get.  Not the free ones, unless they are really better than the pay ones.  But that doesn't happen to often.

Thanks to all of you.  I will investigate whether they want to go the secure ftp route, and also I will investigate some of these products.
Serv-u is the way to go, very easy to configure very granular access controls, and if you use there client will support 1024bit encryption
down side is the cost
windows will also do what you need but is a bit more involved to set up.
adam- i believe the isolation mode is ONLY 2003... because of the latest IIS.
good luck.
After my entire company toyed with various FTP server/access solutions, FreeFTPD outshined the rest (including IIS 2003).
It has user based home directories and can authenticate via NT usernames (a big plus for the users).
It has the option for both FTP and SFTP and can run both in parallel, either on the same set of directories or separate.
Individual users can be given access to only FTP or SFTP or both.
It is the most headache-free SSH2 based FTP server I have ever worked with, literally all you have to do is forward the right ports and it does the rest.

I am with on typically shying away from the "no name" free software companies, but these guys got it right.

More info and DL here:
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks adamdrayer,
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