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The company I work for just purchased a new dedicated server and to be honest, I'm used to getting a bit more support.  The teat is now taken away and I'm on my own leaving me with a lot of unanswered questions.  I am by NO means good at anything that is Linux.  Good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer sweet death but now hope that I can learn this and not have to ask my friends a million questions.

Now onto my question...

Server build is psa v7.5.4_build75050926.17 os_FedoraCore 2 and is failry barebone.  Through pain and misery and too much swearing I managed to get PHP, MySql, & Apache working (most of the work was already done for me there).  I figured out the new path changes for the website and got it back up and running BUT NOW...the e-mail is sending in plain text when it should be html.

I figured out VIM and got into the php.ini and made sure that the email was set to text/html, saved and restarted apache.  Still, I am getting plain text e-mail which is no good since our client e-mails from the website are loaded with HTML (time for some maintenence eh).

After all that useless information has been written I guess I'm just trying to ask, where is a good place to look for the problem now?  It was working fine on two different servers.  One of them being a Linux box (shared dedicated server), the others a window box.

Please use small words since I'm still learning.  If you would be so kind, mind posting a few links on a good place to start learning more on Fedora?  Yes, I've been to the website = )

Thanks again y'all!
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0. Is your PHP application used to run on Windows before? If yes, say so and skip the rest of this answer, I'll tell you what to do next.

1. Check HOW your PHP application sends mail. If it uses PEAR:Mail package to do that, compare the PEAR:Mail versions on old and new servers.

2. Create a php file with <?php phpinfo() ?> both on new and old servers and compare options sendmail.* and SMTP. fields.

gijewAuthor Commented:
Good suggestion using the phpinfo().  I did however spot NO big difference so perhaps you may be able to...

Here is our new server...

Here is our old server...

Sorry about the delay in responding.  I didn't get the post until yesterday and I had to throw some random name up on the old server so I could put the info.php file on it = /

Thanks in advance!
Couple of questions:

1. on your second (new server), why did you build PHP yourself instead of using the stock one? (I assume it's a RHEL4/CentOS4 srv).
2. on your second (new server), do you have sendmail service running? (service sendmail status) Also check if sendmail is started by default (ntsysv)

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gijewAuthor Commented:
Actually, they are both pre-built dedicated servers from two different hosts.  I had nothing to do with either build.  The only thing I have done on the new server (second one) is install Zend which I was quite proud of myself for figuring out = )

I hate not knowing the right way to do these things but i logged in to the server and tried the above two commands and got a "command not found" message.

I have to ask this, as know of a number of php applications that choke when you run them under Zend. Did it work before the Zend upgrade, and can you try uninstalling Zend, or perhaps over this weekend restore it to a previous state and test?


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gijewAuthor Commented:
Yeah, did this pre-Zend as well.  I tried seeing a difference between the 2 phpinfo() pages and we just killed the old dedicated server.  I'm probably just going to have to pay to have the company do this.

If anyone has to run a dedicated server under GoDaddy...don't bother.  We needed a more secure site to run out server and didn't want to do it in house.  They had a really great price but we have had nothing but problems so far.

Apache has died 4 times now and they wanted a 100 bucks to fix it.  I looked up the problem and it was a configuration problem (non-related to this).  So they get to fix it for free...they're still fighting to get another 100 bucks though = /

Why can't this just be easy, lol.
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