Windows 2003 server cannot browse a local workgroup

I have a windows 2003 server that is connected to a network with 5 xp computers setup as a workgroup. I need to be able to view the workgroup computers from the server.
The only way I can view the computer now is by typing the \\ipaddress of the computer.

When I browse the network I don't see anything.

The 2003 server is setup as a domain. The only reason its a domain is a software package on the server requires it to be a domain. The rest of the computers were setup prior to the purchase of the software so they are a workgroup.

The ip addresses of the workgroup computers are -
the 2003 server is
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Make the server in the same workgroup and it should list the  rest of the computers.
Better yet, Server 2003 comes with 5 CAL's so why not just join the 5 XP computers to your domain?  What are the workgroup computers using for DNS?  If you were to run DNS from the Server 2003 box, and point the workgroup computers to it, it would probably take care of your problem too.


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JonMnyAuthor Commented:
The workgroup has static ip's the dns is probably blank. I cannot set the xp machines to connect to the domain (there are 5 computers now but that will change and the server only exists to run a software package; so adding cals would not be an easy sell)
 I need the Domain server to be able to see the work group. The server has to be a domain server I cannot change it to the workgroup.
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Regardless of whether you go the domain route or not, you could run DNS Locally and point the workstations to the server for their DNS.  This would assure that they could talk to each other.  If you can communicate via IP, and not NetBios name than this is assuredly a DNS issue.  What kind of program are you running that requires you to have a Domain Controller and Domain, but no clients?  Sounds odd.  You received 5 licenses when you purchased Server 2003....why not use them?

JonMnyAuthor Commented:
Its Rockwell software – rssql,historian,bizware. It requires 2000 server or 2003 server to run as a domain to work. It is usually used in a much larger setup and would run on a company’s server. It can track all orders etc.

 I can't set up the other computers to connect to the domain for 2 reasons. The first is the computers are 700 miles away. The second is with just 5 cals. If the customer wanted to add a computer(s) it would require more cal(s). This is a problem since running a domain provides this particular system no advantage.

If I understand what your saying. If I configure the dns settings on the xp box's to point to the servers dns. I should see them?

If the server is in one location, and the 5 workstations are 700miles away, than this is a completely different question.  You will need to do a whole bunch of networking on the router side of things and through ISP Firewalls in order to get this rolling.

JonMnyAuthor Commented:
Sorry The server is also 700 miles away. I can connect to it remotly the other compters I can't reach
This is a names resolution problem.  Option one, remove all DNS entries on the workstations, put the server as the only DNS entry.  Configure the DNS on the server to forward all non-local requests to the ISP's DNS servers (let me know if you need instructions on how to do this).  At this point, you should be able to ping by name all workstations and servers at that location.  

Second option is to load WINS on the server and configure the workstations to use the server as the WINS server.  This will get netbios names resolution working and you should be able to ping by name.

Get this working and then let us know if you still can't do what you need to do.  If you need to "browse" through "network neighborhood"  and its not working after you can ping by name, we can work to resolve that issue.

So, you want to be able to connect to the server remotely, than from the server, connect to the workgroups remotely?  Is that it?


                700 Miles         700 Miles
Server---------------700Miles------------ Workstations
It is not that easy when you all objects in network are physically separated by 700 miles.  LAN I agree, this is a WAN Networking issue though...

JonMnyAuthor Commented:
Below is what I have

me --- 700 miles --  Server --- few hundred feet - workgroup

So to be clear I am the only one a great distance from the equipment

someone said dns, I agree, make sure dns is installed and configured properly on the server, after that install the support tools from the server cd, run "netdiag", check the heading of "dns" make sure it didnt fail.  after that, make the primary dns of the server and workstations the same as the server "166", that better be a stadic address.  you may also want to setup wins, and point all to that 166 number also.

sometimes I see people put a local loop back address on the server for the primary dns, im sure that works also.
You should be able to reconfigure DNS and WINS remotely.  "netsh" from any 2003 or XP can change remote settings.  You also have remote desktop if you gotomypc  or logmein.

Once you get dns/wins working, you should be fine.
my notes on reconfiguring dns, I tend to have to do this allot....

•      Delete your zone off the DNS server that you picked.
•      If the zone is AD integrated, make it a Primary
•      Goto winnt\system32\dns) and delete your zone.dns files and delete the one in the backup folder too
•      In \Winnt\system32 Delete the NETLOGON.DNS and NETLOGON.DNB
•      In the reg, HKLM\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS\Zones, delete your zone's
•      folder
•      Reinstall DNS
•      Reinstall your current service pack.
•      Now recreate the zone in DNS
•      Enable Dynamic Updates to "YES" and not to Secure just yet.
•      ipconfig /flushdns
•      ipconfig /registerdns
•      Stop and Restart NETLOGON (net stop netlogon – net start netlogon)

also, adding a forwarder so if the server can't resolve....

In DNS Manager, right-click the DNS Server object, and then click Properties.
Click the Forwarders tab.
Click to select the Enable Forwarders check box.
In the IP address box, type the first DNS server to which you want to forward, and then click Add.

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