A record problem....


my site is hosted by Network Solutions so is the DNS, I have added though a line for:
crm.x.com    to point to numeric IP  71.x.x.65

The IP is correct when i go to it I see our CRM site, if I ping crm.x.com in windows I get the name resolved to 71.x.x.65, so no problem there..

but when I go to crm.x.com, I get a network solutions page:

This domain is not valid.

Hosted by Network Solutions.

What gives??? What is the problem here??
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I would suggest that you get a packet caputer tool and capture the packets to make sure the Firefox is going to the correct IP address when using a URL.  I use Ethereal (http://www.ethereal.com) which is free and easy.

If it works in IE and it with with address in Firefox, there is something unusal going on.

Do you use a proxy server?  Are both IE and Firefox configured to use the same proxy server?  If they are using proxy servers are they both configured to use HTTP 1.1 through a proxy server.
What does Network Solutions say?

It sounds like either they have NOT setup a Web server for you, or you have the wrong IP address.
sporenzaAuthor Commented:

after more progress I have found that if I use IE I get the correct site but not w/Firefox this seems to be the problem...
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Umm, interesting.  What happens if you just put in the IP address in Firefox?  Have you closed and re-opend firefox or flushed its cache?
sporenzaAuthor Commented:
if I just use the IP address firefox is fine, also I have restared my computer and still same results...
I've had this problem with a couple of my domains.

I can't access one of them if I put www at the beginning of it. I know what the issue is, I'm just too lazy to fix it. But it all comes down to the alias I have set up for my domains. I don't have www.blah.com pointing to blah.com, etc... Check your alias setup on your registrar and see if anything needs to be changed.
Also, I know this may sound silly but... If there is not a correct virtualhost setting this cn cause problems and firefox DOES tend to be more sensitive to things like that but TBH I'm not sure how that would affect firefox only. Sorry I couldn't be more help
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

I think this domain presently registrar lock

If you recentely changed your hosting or you domain yet hosted any where then contect to the Company which you have bought Domain name . And check the name server of that company your problem shuld be resolved

you can also check this information in


So i think you hosted any where and now you change your hosting so getting erro.
sporenzaAuthor Commented:
This was the problem, Firefox was going to the wrong IP!! Had to clear out all memory for it and restart it
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