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Linux server, setup heartbeat for mySQL redundancy

I looking for someone to set up two servers using heartbeat so one will take over if the master fails. I want mySQL on them both set up in a Master-Slave. The Slave will only take over if the Master fails and if it fails it will take over when it comes back online. My question is how many hours should I expect an experienced Linux consultant to take to set this up if they are experienced with both heartbeat and mySQL?


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1 Solution
About 1 -2 days.  Do you have a shared disk array?
td234Author Commented:
Each machine would have its own RAID 5.
Then you have a cutover problem since if machine A goes doen, then machine B will not have all
transactions performed after the last sync.

You can use something like drbd to force file synchronization however

Also if you are in planning stages, investigate STONITH and a watchdog card.

The STONITH (shoot the other node in the head) card kills the other server if a failure mode exists, the watchdog
card reboots the machine if the processor does not receive a signal from the CPU within a certain threshold.

The STONITH card is probably more important sinceit prevents "split brain" problems.


PS: You don't need these to get up and running for non-critical work, but a serious cluster absolutely does.

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