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DMA turned off for MyDVD

I recently installed Sonics MyDVD and right when I started up the program I received a message that said the program detected that DMA was turned off and in order for the proper operation of the program, it should be turned on. My first question is do you think that by ignoring this warning and not turning it on that myDVD will at least, adequately function? I also tried to do something about the problem by running a small program recommended to me from this website : http://www.michna.com/kb/WxDMA.htm. It basically mentioned that by doing a couple of registry entries or by running this small program that DMA could be restored. Well I ran the program and then checked in device manager and DMA was then turned on for my DVD RW, but after I did it I noticed my system booted up slower so I used System Restore to revert back. So I'm back to square one!
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The problem would be that in PIO mode the transfer speed might not be enough.
For reference these are the maximum speeds for the different transfer modes....
0 - 3.3 MB/s
1 - 5.2 MB/s
2 - 8.3 MB/s
3 - 11.1 MB/s
4- 16.7 MB/s

Whereas DMA modes maximum rates are....
0 - 16.7 MB/s
1 - 25.0 MB/s
2 - 33.3 MB/s
3 - 44.4 MB/s
4 - 66.7 MB/s
5 - 100.0 MB/s

Enabling DMA should speed up your computer, not slow it down. If it slows it down you might have a problem with IDE drivers, a faulty drive, or a bad IDE cable. First thing I'd try in that case is a different cable to the DVD-RW.
Prester JohnCommented:
You want to make certain that your hard drive supports DMA.

It's a safe assumption that any hard drive larger than 6GB will support DMA.
Prester JohnCommented:
Any comments about why this answer was only a "B" grade?

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