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Transfer data from PC to Lapto

hi friends,

My thanks in advance.
I wanted to know how to transfer data from my PC to my laptop.?
PC - windows xp./ AMD Athelon processor
Laptop windows xp./ intel centrino
Please give me ur suggestions

2 Solutions
-remove hard drive from PC.
-install hard drive in newly purchased External HDD Enclodure with USB. (http://www.pcclub.com/product_details.cfm?itemno=A3326311)
-Plug hard drive enclosure into laptop USB port
-Copy files using Windows Explorer.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
if this is a one-time transfer, there is a cheaper solution:
buy a laptop hard drive adapter.  take the drive out of the laptop and connect as secondary drive on the desktop.  boot up the desktop and the laptop drive will show under my computer.  do file transfer.

another option is to buy a cross-over cable and link the two computers.

or, connect both computers to a network and transfer files over the network
How much data do you plan on transfering??? A very simple solution would be to go to your nearest electronics store and purchase a USB flash drive. You can pick up one of these for as low as 26 bucks, I will give you a link.


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Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP

to transfer data from PC to laptop, there are many possibilities : without unmounting disk drives
-floppy - 1.4 Mb /each
-cd / cd burner 750 Mb each
-zip or jazz drive : 100, 250 Mb or more
-flash drives : from 16 Mb to 1 Gb
-network connection : unlimited, at 10 or 100 Mb/sec
So, we need to know your possibilities on desktop and laptop, in order to propose an exact or best answer
Here is a very good article on connecting two computer through different methods.


Determine the best method that suits your needs here and copy the data you want to move onto the laptop into a shared folder. Some basic networking knowledge will need to be applied to get you up and running so you will have to do some reading for sure.
I agree that it is not necessary to physically remove the HD from the PC.  If you don't plan on using any money on this tranfser, just use good old email.  Compress your files into one zip file and go to http://www.yousendit.com/.  You can send yourself the email and download it onto the laptop.

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