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Hey Experts,

I've been looking up some info on different payment gateways available for processing payments from your site. I'm posting this to get some input from those of you who currently run a payment processing gateway on your site, or have implemented one on someone elses site you've developed.

From actual experience what do you think is the best payment gateway to use, how much does it cost, does it require you to redirect and return, or does it have the ability to process straight from your server. PayPal is not an option! VeriSign seems very expensive, so perhaps something less than VeriSign and not as distracting as PayPal.

I'm really looking for actual hands on experience, if you post a link to where I can read about something, chances are I've already seen it and read it, I'm looking for something you've used and would recommend to your clients and others. (points for the best responses)

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You get what you pay for.  I have used verisign in the past both their payflow pro & the payflow link.  Both are easy to impelment.  The payflow link is nice that you do not need to purchase an SSL for the site.  you submit the order info to their server to a customizable page, and only on that page (which has an ssl) do you get the ccnumber.  This is a nice security measure as the ccnumber never leaves verisign and takes a bit of the liability off of you.

They also have the sdk's which make it east to put into any app.

in agreement with 73...

I've used payflow pro for several years now without a single issue.


1) easy to setup...1 cfx custom tag.. because the tag is written specifically for cf and not using cgi or perl or some such there is really no learning curve. I you've used cfx's before you just drop it in, write a couple of cfqueries to insert the transaction results and you're up and running

2) never see your customers CC numbers, all you receive is a transaction number no CC numbers stored means PCI compliance is much easier

3) easy to use

this is the extent of it

<cfx_PAYFLOWPRO QUERY                = "RESULT"
                HOSTADDRESS          = ""
                HOSTPORT             = "443"
                TIMEOUT              = "30"
                TRXTYPE              = "A"
                TENDER               = "C"
                PARTNER              = "VeriSign"
                USER                 = "Someuser"
                PWD                  = "somepwd"
                ACCT                 = "#form.CCNum#"
                EXPDATE           = "#form.ExpDate#"
                AMT                  = "#form.Amt#"
                COMMENT1             = "#form.Comment1#"
                comment2             = "#form.Name#"
            ORIGID                   = ""
            Name                   = "#form.Name#"
            VENDOR                  = "SomeAcct"
            ZIP                   =""
            CIty                  ="#form.City#"
            Country                  =""
            Street                  ="#form.street#"
            State                  ="#from.State#"
             certpath             = "D:\somecert\path"

this A type transaction authorizes the card but doesn't bill it (useful if not billing until items shipped) there are others

4) multiple card can accept virtually any card based on what your payment processor will accept
5) flexible.. i've itegrated PFP into a VB app which we use internally for payment processing...

1) cost..although 60 bucks a month isn't much and to be blunt, if you're not wanting to spend more than that...well that's what paypal was invented for ;)

pricing is here

what it boils down to is that many payment solutions are prebaked...(some perhaps halfbaked) you get what you get...maybe a generic checkout page that doesn't integrate into your site.. with PFP, you can do pretty much anything

I HIGHLY recommend it... payment services is now owned by paypal anyways...

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trailblazzyr55Author Commented:
Have either of you used MIVA Payment / MIVA Merchant? MIVA also utilizes VeriSigns Payflow options in thier modules. Yes VeriSign does fall under PayPal now, but we didn't like the idea of even having PayPal on a payment processing page, a lot of people tend to shy away from paypal for different reasons. I looked at the PayPal side of things as a cheaper way of using the PayFlow from VeriSign. But opted not to use it.

One thing I've considered was the MIVA payment, have you guys had any expiences with that Payment Gateway? VeriSign's PayFlow Pro is actually very good and Ideal!! But it comes with a high price $249.00 setup, and $59.95/month. Not to mention hefty additional costs for added services.

Any opinions on MIVA payment?

I really appreciate both your feedback, just trying to get ideas of everything out there, before picking one to use.

Thanks a bunch!
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I've not used Miva but from what I understand, it's a black box do your setup using templates on top of their code. You're tied to what they offer...and if you want the code to do something no -standard...they charge you for every conceivable module... (there's like a 100 add-ins totalling biiig bucks)

seems to me it's intended for non-developers... people who have things to sell but don't want to (or can't) deal with how it happens. it's more of a complete store package (unless they're offering just the gateway...which i don't think)

If you don;t want to roll your own's probably a good choice... but for me PFP gives me the ability to code a store that's completely under my control so i can modify my payment procedure to whatever ..i have a loyalty points system and my payment setup can easily deal with it... maybe next week I'll add a free item based on sales history (i'm sure Miva has somethings like this but is it -exactly- what you want?... who knows.) of course rolling your own store has it's own perils and you really need to have your cf chops in good shape...

as for

"but we didn't like the idea of even having PayPal on a payment processing page"

with PFP you see no indication whatsoever as to what your processor is, unless you advertise it yourself. My site has my ssl seal on the check out page and a short note in the billing faq saying we use versign payment other banners or other intrusive indicators. PFLink is different I believe...

PFLink lets you customize the checkout page.  It is not obvious that you are using pflink.

The cost of pflink is nice... 19.95 a month.  I think the setup is like 180.00

The other thing to consider is where are you going to put the money.  You will need a merchant bank account that is compatable with whichever gateway you end up using.   These can take a while to set up so you may want to start looking into those if you have not already.

If the banks you can use are limited by company policy or by "the others" aka managment.  You choice of gateways may be limited.
trailblazzyr55Author Commented:
Hey guys thanks! Your comments helped in deciding what to use

kind regards,
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