project runtime errors 3265 and 2162

I named a database as Report (stupid thing that I did in the beginning!!!!!) and for unobvious reasons I was getting errors while trying to use the Report in the VBA. So I made a brand new project in MSaccess and copied all the modules and class files to this new project. I also copied the forms. Now the statements that worked fine in the old project do not work in this project.

I am using the following statements

First I use:

"Dim strSQL As String
strSQL = "SELECT  tblFATS.* FROM tblFATS WHERE ID1 >= 50"
CurrentDb.QueryDefs("MYTempQuery").sql = strSQL"

and I get the following error

Runtime error 3265
Item not found in this collection

I commented that statement and I proceed with the execution of the following statement

DoCmd.FindRecord strsearch, acAnywhere, False, acSearchAll, , acAll, False

I am getting the following error:

Runtime Error 2162
A macro set to one of the current fields properties failed beacuse of an error in a FindRecord action argument.

Please help

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OK, let's try something else.  Create a new query.  Leave it blank and save it as "MYTempQuery"

Then, try running your original code.  (Don't use my CreateQueryDef line.)
Does MyTempQuery already exist?  If not, you'll need to create it.

Replace this line

CurrentDb.QueryDefs("MYTempQuery").sql = strSQL

with this:

CurrentDb.CreateQueryDef("MyTempQuery", strSQL)

When you're done, you can also delete it by calling

spacetravellerAuthor Commented:
Hi John, I am getting
 compile error
 Expected: =

spacetravellerAuthor Commented:
It worked!!! Thanks. But, I want to create and delete Queries at run time. Is there a solution for that.

Thanks A lot.
Sorry I was never able to get back to you spacetraveller; I've been under the weather lately.  Feel free to open a new question to give someone else a chance to explain creating and deleting queries at run time.
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