error 0x80010105 the server threw an exception

I am running windows xp with outlook 2002 setup for exchange 2000.  I also have Nextel Desktop assistant installed which enables me to get my email to my cell phone.  Everytime I startup my pc I get an error that says error 0x80010105 the server threw an exception.  I have to right click on the nextel desktop assistant icon in the system tray and exit from the program.  When I reopen the desktop assistant it comes up as being connected and I get my email as I should.  The issue only comes up when I start up my pc.  Nextel claims that the error is coming from our exchange server because it is failing to authenticate my user account.  I question that because if that was the case I would have this problem all day, simply exiting the program wouldn't work.  It is annoying in the fact that every time I start up my pc, after nextel desktop assistant starts, I get the error.  I would like it to stop...Please help!
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You could take the Nextel program out of the startup.  To do that, see if it is listed when going to Start, All Programs, Startup.  If it is listed in Startup, delete it.  Then you can start it manually when the computer is done booting.

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