What is and how do I remove AOL Core Services - Software Update 3869.9.20 Pop-up?

I have a client with Win XP and the latest version of AIM installed.  She is continually getting a popup saying:

Active Update

AOL Core Services - Software Update: This update is necessary to enhance AOL's ability to resolve potential problems with your online experience...

Install Now

Update 3869.9.20

When I google it this is the only info I find - http://www.bigblueball.com/forums/aim-support/34677-active-update-aol-core-services-software-update-aim.html.

Please help.  Thank you.
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this is just a routine AOL, memory hogging update.

My advice is to try using GAIM for instant messaging, it is less bulky than AIM. and supports multiple IM protocols


Try this, it is supposed to remove ads from aol and aim


Good Luck,
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