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Substring Procedure for Long Data Type

Hi all I have a requirement in Oracle 10g to run the substring command on a long datatype in a table. For example this is what I would like to do.
note: col1 is LONG datatype

select substr(col1,1,2000), substr(col1,2001,4001)  from table1;
I'd also like to run the trim function if possible from start to end.

I remember someone in my last place had a pl/sql procedure with input/output variables. Can someone help.

Thankss all.
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1 Solution
cyberonicsAuthor Commented:
Thanks raopsn. Whats the syntax to run it. I can't seem to figure his out.
These are the parameters for the function :

in_rowid rowid  
in_owner varchar
in_table_name varchar

You can call this in your query like this..

SELECT LONG_TO_CHAR(rowid, 'scott', 'table1', col1) as col1, col2, col3
FROM table1

cyberonicsAuthor Commented:
Excellent solution.
Thanks raopsn

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