Unable to connect remotely via VNC or PCAnywhere. Maybe firewall issue ?

Hi all

I am having a problem with my firewall I think.

The setup is as follows :

I have a cable modem that is connected to a wireless router which is statically assigning to my wired home pc with windows xp professional on it.

It has windows firewall switched off and the one on the router punches holes for the things i need like pcanywhere and vnc.

However, in the last month this has stopped working and I cannot work out why. Problem is that everything seems fine and I am not even sure if it is a firewall issue.

Where to begin ?

Many thanks


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Begin by checking ure router config... make sure you have your ports mapped correctly.... to the correct ip (computer) that is running VNC/PcAnywhere.... if your computer is getting ip from DHCP... then it might have changed, you never know....

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Do you have any other firewalls on your system like ZoneAlarm? They may be interfering with the operation if it was recently upgraded.

1. Remove DHCP option from router configuration
2. Setup an IP manually for your machine
3. map VNC port to IP u created for ur machine
4. Test and report
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freekaAuthor Commented:
Can you believe it ? 5 years in i.t. and all my experience amonted to nothing ! A simple reboot of all devices has fixed the problem.

I will split points as all the above contributed to the solution.

Many thanks

hi freeka
very generous of you !!!
anyways, i presume that people would have restarted and did some bit of this and that before taking time to put  a question online ;-)
good its solved by a simple restart
heheh! Too bad this happenes to ALL of use at some point... anyways glad it worked out :)
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