Problems with remote desktopping via my Pocket PC VNC/terminal services client/pc anywhere software

Hi all

I am having a problem with my firewall I think.

The setup is as follows :

I have a cable modem that is connected to a wireless router which is statically assigning to my wired home pc with windows xp professional on it.

It has windows firewall switched off and the one on the router punches holes for the things i need like pcanywhere and vnc.

However, in the last month this has stopped working and I cannot work out why. Problem is that everything seems fine and I am not even sure if it is a firewall issue.

Where to begin ?

Many thanks

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what kind of errors do you get ?
install any new software ?
check for spyware\virus ?
try to reset the modem\router and reconfigure (helped me for time to time )
Sometime ISP's will block remote management traffic in the belief that it is business related. They would much rather charge you a business rate instead of the consumer rate. This is the last thing I would check on, but it does happen
Also, is it possible that something on the business end has changed. Such as a firewall policy or the Remote settings on the remote machine?
freekaAuthor Commented:
Hi there

In answers to the questions:

No errors. Just that it cannot connect. I have tried it from a remote machine using ActiveX control :

and my ip address of but again with no joy.

If you can connect it will ask for username and password but it doesn't get that far.

I have installed loads of PPC software for my PDA but I doubt that will affect it.

Recent AVS. No problems there.

Tried resetting the computer, router and modem. No joy.

My PDA does not have a firewall. It is Windows 5.0 Mobile edition PDA.

Hope that helps.

freekaAuthor Commented:
Simple reboot of everything fixed the problem. Go figure !
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