TFT monitor wont work with computer anymore, "No Signal"

Recently when I turn my computer on, (advent computer) the monitor says "no signal" I've checked all the cables and there are all in order.

So I got another moniter (a CRT) and plugged it inot the computer, and it worked fine....
Then I plugged the TFT moitor into another computer and it worked fine...

The monitors cable is an all in one, power and signal and the power cable plugs into the plug that goes inot the back of the computer (if you get what I mean!!)
What could it be? could it be the port in the back of the computer that is playing up but I dont understand why another monitor works in it...

or is it the monitor?? but why does it work in another computer?

Would I be best off just buying another port for the monitor to plug into?
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If the monitor supports both dvi and vga make sure that its switched to the appropriate option.
If the video card supports both DVI and VGA then:
1) Make sure the function you are using in enabled on the video card's software.
2) If using DVI make sure you have the right kind of DVI

There is DVI-D (Digital), DVI-A (Analog), DVI-I (Integrated Digital/Analog).

It's possible the video card (port) in the first computer did not have the correct DVI but the video card in the second computer did.
jasocke2Author Commented:
How do I switch it to the appropriate option. Neither of the computers has a DVI port ...

showed in this picture >>

How come it was working and then it suddenly stopped working?
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Usually it's simply a bad connection.
Either the plug gets loose or a tiny bit of corrosion builds up in the pins.
Removing and replacing the plug usually fixes either one.
Does the monitor work when you start the PC in safe mode? If yes, then you probably changed the refresh rate or the resolution of the monitor. An LCD display normally works properly with a refresh rate of 60Hz, and if it is a 15" display the resolution should normally be 1024x768. Anything higher probably won't work. To change the resolution and refresh rates right click an empty space on your desktop, select properties and then the settings tab. The refresh rate is then set via the advanced button...
jasocke2Author Commented:
when I switch the computer on, nothing happens on the monitor, its like the montior isn't even plugged to the computer!
That can be normal. Many monitors need time to initialize and "catch" the signal from the Grafic Card. Often you don't see the memory counting up or similar displays because the monitor isn't ready yet, so it is difficult to know which keys to press when in order to enter the BIOS. Turning of the "Fast memory Test" (or similar) in the BIOS often helps, but booting will be slower.
As I understand it... This monitor works just fine on another computer?
Did you restest the TFT monitor after you tried it on another sytem? Sometimes unplugging/resetting the monitor can straighten out any bugs, so if you haven't retested it yet, it just may work.
jasocke2Author Commented:
I think its the graphics card because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. when it does, it will freeze with a little box around the cursor, or horizonal lines come across and the system freezes, then when I turn it off and turn it back on it wont work, I have put a new graphics card in it but the times when it does come on I dont know how to go about installing it as I thought it would have come up with "new hardware found" but it doesnt.
Do I have to disable the old graphics card?
I have changed the refresh rate and its not that,
It wont work with any moniter now, only now and again....
The best way to get it to auto install is.
First put the new card's drivers on your hard drive somewhere. (For easy access.)
Go into Device Manager and remove all the Video Adapters.
Shut down.
Install the new card. (If it's not in already.)
It should get caught with the "New Hardware Found" that way.
It -should- work without all this but, well, this is Windows.. It needs help sometimes..

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Also, any time you add or remove parts from inside your system UNPLUG it.
Just shutting down isn't good enough.
There is still power to the mainboard and it's enough to damage IC chips if you cause it to spike.
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