Linux Debian proxy Firewall. new tech with NO linux experience. remote user needs VPN. HELP!

I have taken over a job for a previous tech. He left no doucmentation on how to do anything.  I have the password to login to a Debian server that acts as a proxy/firewall server.  There is a user out in the field that needs to be setup with a VPN connection.  The other user he is traveling with isn't having any issues connecting.  

Is there someway to add this user in to the proxy and setup the VPN? I want to see how the proxy tables are setup and everything for it. Is there a way to get into a GUI to make it easier to search for? He does have internet access with he is in the office.  I don't know Linux except for a small part. I'm a cursed windows tech.  
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Start with the VPN: You're probably using poptop

VPN Useraccounts are usually stored in /etc/ppp/chap-secrets

Avery good administration tool for most things in linux, is webmin. It is webbrowser based so you can connect to it from most plattforms with a good browser.

Without more details it is very difficult to help with the other Questions, as there are many different VPN's for linux. Using webmin you can see what has started on your server and that info may help us further.
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