Seeking a comfortable keyboard

Seeking an Ergonomic Keyboard.

 I do alot of typing.  What is the best keyboard for me to prevent fingers from stiffening up.

Please post your recommendation, and state if you have experience with your recommendation.
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i would go for microsoft keyboard ...

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I prefer a split keyboard. It doesn't have to be Microsoft, but they're generally recognized as a good maker of these. It's a weird layout at first, but you get used to it very quickly.
A normal keyboard with a positive click and a soft depression is the best.  If you type over 100 words a minute, the audible click and the soft depress are essential to speed and long-tem comfort use, this means more than splitting the KB in half.  There is no tactical advantage in having your hands at an angle when you have to interrupt hand position for mouse movements all the time.
 I'm guessing you dont want to make the switch to a DVORAK keyboard. Basiclly they have a diffrent layout which is optimised for comfort. The QWERTY keyboard is was designed so that keys wouldn't jam on typewriters years ago.
  Here is a link:
  basiclly, look up DVORAK in google and you'll get a bit more than 20 million hits. they arn't as common though as QWERTY keyboards are. You might be able to convert another keyboard to use it though.
  I haven't used one, but prehaps you might want to.
I'm not a touch typist, but my wife is and she prefers the old IBM PS/2 type click-tactile keyboards.  Similar keyboards are still manufactured using the same key switches.  Here's a link:

Microsoft and Logitech both have excellent keyboards if you find a design you like.  The best method is to borrow and try several different ones that interest you and see which you prefer.
We ALL should have mentioned wrist position too!!  A straight wrist, not bent (use a pad?) is vital to not getting carpel tunnel syndrome.
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