Toshiba Satellite 5005-S504 CDROM issue

The laptop has a CDRW/DVD ROM that reads orginal cds but not burned cds. I wanted to see if reinstalling the drivers would make a difference but I can't find them .. also any other solutions that might work
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the drivers would be part of the operating system. On the system thats burning the cds is the burning software closing the cds?
What type of burned cds, cd-r , cd-rw, dvd -r .
Are they burned on this laptop or on another computer?
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BrijBhasinAuthor Commented:
It is a CD-R burned on another computer. When I try to burn a CD on this Laptop it fails giving a Power Caliberation Area error.
I tried the Autoplay repair and the XP fix but that didnt help.
It looks like the burning part of the drive is bad on the laptop. Did you check on the system thats burning the cd to make sure the software was closing the disc?
BrijBhasinAuthor Commented:
yup the disc did close on the system that I burnt it from and it works fine on all other machines except this laptop
i would think the cd drive is dying. if still some warranty, ask for a replacement,
What brand of cd-r is being used here. Sometimes the media can cause this error along with the inability to read the cd-r media.
CD writers have two lasers - one for reading and one for writing... your reading laser sounds like its shot. usually not cost effective to repair unless your an electrician.
rather your burning laser
Craig, that is not true : CD writers have only 1 laser, but cd /DVD burners have 2 lasers.
Burn a bootable CD on that other PC and try booting you notebook with that. This will show if this is purely a software or if it is a hardware issue. The best such bootable CD is knoppix, as it loads a fully functional linux distro and uses a big part of the CD.

If there is a problem using a bootable CD, your device has a problem, and if that is the case the only thing that might be possible to repair it is to try updating it's firmware. If there is no firmware for that drive or updating doesn't help, I'm afraid you'll have to get it replaced.
OK I translated that wrong, let me rephrase, the power wattage needed for reading is different for writing. for reading laser requires about .5 milliwatts vs the writing laser which requires about 4-8 milliwatts. His cdr is likely not capable of generating the power for writing. reading may be fine but writing is not capable due to other power issues.
Basically this is all here I'm just collecting it in one place.
""Power Caliberation Area error""
They use the same laser to read and burn but different power is sent to the laser.
For some reason the circuit inside the drive can't get the power right to supply to the laser to burn a CD.

So far as it not reading burned CD's.
The laser requires a different power level for burned than it does a regular CD and you already know it's having power regulation problems.
Also it's not uncommon for some drives to 'not like' certain CD-R media burned in other drives.

There is a 'hidden' track on all CD's and DVD's outside of the data area that identifies to the drive what kind of disc it is. (And in the case of blank burnable media what speed it is.) The drive reads that as soon as you put in a disc. It uses the information from the disc to choose the DVD laser or the CD laser and to set the power level.

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BrijBhasinAuthor Commented:
so summing it up .. is my CD  drive conked out??
not necessary, some drives are just a bit "picky" about what they read, or not.
Have you tried burning a disc in the laptop with a good brand name disc?
Check this link to a very informative page on the whole subject of cd burning.
This link is on the same page with info on -->Subject: [7-4-1] What's the best brand of media?
if you still can burn and read cd's and dvd's, i would say it is ok. if not , it has to be replaced.
If the ability to burn is impaired, sometimes a higher quality brand (DYE) can help the situation, depending on how badly the impairment is. However, in my experience, I have not been lucky enough to get it to work once the laser becomes damaged.

If yours can still read, at least you have that. A new burner (on sale can be $30-40)... get one (or two).....
Even though it may work -some-, I would replace it.
The odds are now and the you are going to want to use a CD burned in another computer.
A 'sometimes it works' and 'sometimes it doesn't' drive is a real PAIN....
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