chancing hhtp to hhtps

All my site is under a SSL certificate. some clients just type hhtp and not https so they get an erro.

I modify the following script. I just want to make sure the it is correct. or is there better way. I'm just learning.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2" TYPE="text/javascript">
      var re = /http\:/ig; //only if no https, not www.
      var mUrl=location.href;
      if (mUrl.indexOf("http:") >=0) { // remove http:// - requires JavaScript 1.2 (internet explorer 4+,netscape 4+ opera 4+...)

The guy that actualy created the original script is no longer with the company so I just can not ask.


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This script redirects HTTP GET request to HTTPS. It is ok.
There is only one string I want to fix:
     var re = /^http\:/i;
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