AutoCAD 2006/2007 - Add/Import custom symbols and make a menu out of them with sub-menus for Electrical/Plumbing/Etc...

Hi, my client has custom made electrical/plumbing/etc... symbols.  My client just purchased AutoCAD 2007 and it doesnt support tablets, and I dont want tablet anymore.  As I understand I can import all these symbols (or blocks is the proper term I think...) into AutoCAD and make a menu for electrical/plumbing/etc... sysmbols.... How do I import these.... and make the menu... thanks...

FYI: Im new to AutoCAD really....
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Look into creating palettes out of the symbols. Insert the blocks into a dwg, I recomend saving them in a seperate dwg by category- maine_elect.dwg, main_plumbing.dwg etc.  You can do this by using the insert command or the designcenter(toos menu> designcenter, or ctrl+2, or _adcenter). I recommend the designcenter because that is how you will end up making your menus, or palettes.

Once you get all the blocks you want in your main block dwg then open designcenter(dc) and navigate to where you saved your bloc dwg's. I recomend making this your directory for dc, right click and set as home at bottom. Right click again and above you see create paletes from blocks. Select a dwg and right click again, click create tool palette. I would create seperate palette for each category or dwg.

Read the help files about palettes. they are really handy for this sort of thing and alot better than the block toolbars I've toiled over through years. the thing I like about them is if you make a new block you can just drag it from the drawing area and drop it in the palette. Make sure to do this from your main block dwg's though. You could easily have you palettes referenceing dwgs all over the place if you dont. Also, right click on the actual tool on the palette and you can modify how the block is inserted, layer, scale, rotation, exploded etc....

The designcenter will be handy for you too. Not only can you insert blocks from other dwgs straight from it, without neccesarrily using a palette, you can also drag N drop layers, linestyles, dimstyles etc.. read about it too. Between dc and palettes you shouldnt have any problems getting what you are after and dumping the tablet.

Like I said read the help files and right click everything to see what you can do.

good luck

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24BY7Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply... but I want to make a drop down menu out of this... Im able to put them all in a palette.... is that possible?
your welcome and yes that is very possible. its just going to take a little more time. I'll see if I get you something, maybe some examples, I just need to get it together and see how this new CUI has affected it, I havent done it since they changed the way menu's are handled.

If anybody other experts have any input please feel free to jump in.
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