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I want to change my Ip adress.....how can i do that ??? i am using dialup network....I knew that each and every time i get connected to the net i get a new ip , but how could the ip be changed if i remained connected ??  ......... also are there any concept of fake IP's ???
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With dial up, you cannot change your real IP address, it is assigned by the dial-up provider for the time you are connected, and when you disconnect, someone else gets that IP number when they dial in.  So if you think about it, your IP is almost impossible to fix to you unless you stay connected all day.  The only other way to do this is to "spoof" your IP address, by connecting through another proxy server somewhere else on the internet, then it appears to the recipient like you have a different IP address. This is the classic strategy of hackers, and it is considered illegal and unethical to do this if the intent is malicious.

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

You can not change the Dial up network IP because

1. Its dynamically assign by the ISP through the DHCP server

 Short for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network. With dynamic addressing, a device can have a different IP address every time it connects to the network. In some systems, the device's IP address can even change while it is still connected. DHCP also supports a mix of static and dynamic IP addresses.

Dynamic addressing simplifies network administration because the software keeps track of IP addresses rather than requiring an administrator to manage the task. This means that a new computer can be added to a network without the hassle of manually assigning it a unique IP address. Many ISPs use dynamic IP addressing for dial-up users.

2. When you connect to the ISP through the dial up then you have assign real ip address which is required to connect ISP gateway so you can not change it.

3. In dial up network we have only one sided configuration no router feature there.

4. You getting the New IP everytime because of DHCP protocols of the ISP server.

5. If you want to change or use the another IP then you have ti

(a) Get the dedicated IP from ISP
b) through the Broad band connection
(C) use any router device
but how could the ip be changed if i remained connected ??  

The provider may flush all connections after a period of time. This depends on the provider, it could be 8 hours, it could be 24 hours, up to the provider. This stops people hogging the same IP and possibly using it as a network server. Or other stuff.

also are there any concept of fake IP's ??  

Once you are on you can connect to an anonymizer which will hide your IP actual address on the Internet.  The anonymizer will do the connecting to other sites for you and pass the results back to you.

Here's links to providers of anonymizer services

This may sound like I am oversimplifying things, but couldn't you just run an ipconfig /release, and then /renew in order to get a new IP while connected? I would normally try this out before posting, but do not have access to any dial-up connections. It may help to wait a few seconds between releasing and renewing to ensure that a new IP comes through.
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