BIG-IP bandwidth throttling

We're doing some load testing and we have 2 servers in front of our BIG-IP which are eventually to be load balanced, however right now we're testing each individual machine with the usage of and www2. pointing to 2 different VIPs.

Where within our configuration can we look at what our BIG-IP's bandwidth throttle is set to, and if we have a bandwidth throttle enabled? I understand there is an optional component for this device that allows for this to be controlled.

We're attempting to load test with Microsoft Application Test Center and we're getting mixed results depending on where within our network we're testing from, so we'd like to see if our load balancer is trying to cap us somehow......

If there is no bandwidth throttle set, which we don't recall setting, is there a way to find out if there is a default that this device is set to?  Are there any other areas within this device that I can look at to see?  We have 4 pools - one pool for each machine, and then 1 pool that both machines are members of.
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why would you want to BW throttle a server?  This is something forced on you by an ISP?  so you are trying to make sure one server doesnt eclipse the other?  If not, it doesnt make sense.  BW throttle the power users, certainly, but not a server.  A normal gigbit/fo switch will successfully arbitrate packets to make good balance between the two servers, there is no need of BW choking software, as you explain it.
jpipitoneAuthor Commented:
No, we're not trying to throttle the servers at all - but something between the internet and our BIG-IP is capping the bandwidth, and I'd like to know if there's a hidden setting within our BIG-IP that we can turn off to prevent this bandwidth throttling.
It is your ISP doing it, they do it all the time, they sell you bandwidth, then share it with others and then cut down your BW.  It is like overbooking an airline flight, hoping not all will come, but they are collecting more revenue from it.  

Simply measure the raw throughput speed with a tool on the internet (or I just start a massive DL from one PC, and it will show you the DL speed (make sure there is only a router between this PC and the internet, not another server or PC)).  DO this several times, day and night, or get some free BW measuring software (not the online stuff, it depends on your/their locations - you want raw speed).  

If this does not measure up to what you have been told you are getting, especially at peak, call the ISP and tell them to stop limiting your usage.  If DSL, the excuse is that it depends on the # people online at a time.  Sounds like you are using OC though, so it has to be your ISP that is choking your usage.

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jpipitoneAuthor Commented:
No, we have 100 megs of Qwest bandwidth at our office.  I think I may have figured it out - it may be a router behind our F5 - thanks for your help though.
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