Filemaker Pro Membership Database - web enabled MS Access db?

First, there's no way in hell I'm the one who will do this; I'd just like to know if it's possible.  Also, feel free to offer your services if it is!

I have a new client who maintains a membership database in FileMaker Pro on a Mac.  They have no one there who knows anything about FMPro, nor do I.  I suggested they move to Access as it's a small database and there are lots of Access developers.  What we would really like to do is create/build a web page where users can add themselves as members to the Access Database without company interaction.  In other words, we'd like a web based front end to an Access database where users could join, see when they joined, when their membership expires/etc.

Is this possible with Access?  If not, what would you suggest?
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Hehe, Well, what you're looking at shouldn't be very tough for anyone who can handle database Web applications.  By the way, when you talk about a web application using Access to store the data, the web pages they'll create are ASPs, which stands for Active Server Pages.  This would be a perfectly acceptable format.  Also, Access Project and VB (.Net)also create ASPs.  The other apps I can't speak to simply because I have very little experience with those.  One thought though, while Access is doable, I imagine that someone who does this full-time will most likely use something a little stronger than Access such as Sql Server files as the back-end with the front-end being designed in something like VB .Net.  

That is possible, but if the traffic is heavy you'll want to move up to Sql Server.  Access has limitations on how many people can access it at the same time.  Also, there are times where the data can become corrupt.  However, if they don't expect really heavy traffic, I believe it can be done.  I don't have any experience building web applications from Access, but simple things like this (which is just adding records), isn't that tough.

wylde342Author Commented:

Do you have any reccomendations on how?  In other words, VBScript, PHP, Dreamweaver; stuff like that?  I need to know how it's done so I can shop the project.

Points - I promise!
wylde342Author Commented:
Gotcha - thanks for clearing it up Marc.

Cheers buddy
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