Deny file copy &/or prevent file copy ?

If you give someone the read, list, and execute file permissions - does that mean they can inheriently copy files also?  How can we prevent this?  How can I setup a software share that users can install from, but not copy from?
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If you allow read there is no way to prevent a copy.
I guess the best work around is to script all installations, and not tell them/hide where the share is...

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Agreed.  Hide the share by adding a $ to the end of the sharename.  It's still there, but they cannot casually browse to it.

mhadfieldAuthor Commented:
There has to be a way!  I don't want to hide it and I don't want to take the time to script it.  I'm trying to install things like Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional.  Don't think I could script the install of that???  
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You can deploy it via Group Policy.  The share doesn't have to be visible.

Here's how to use Group Policy to deploy Acrobat - I've done so at our office with a hidden share.
Yup.. Thats the way.
you can use Adragon firewall 7,
it can deny copy/run/open/modify/find operations on any file you specified.
you can find it at
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