ASA 5510

I have a ASA 5510 that works just fine but shows the following error: 'ERROR: Command requires failover license' when I reload the appliance or run 'wr t'. I have tried to run 'wr erase', 'configure factory-defaults' and 'clear configure failover' all to no avail. Any ideas please on how to rid myself of this nuisance error? My ASA does not have a failover license.

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What version are you running? There's a bug in PIX version 7 wherein the same error that you are seeing is seen. Bug ID is CSCsc23718. Considering that PIX code and ASA code is the same with minor adjustment to ASA, you could also be hitting it. If you are running a 7.0(x) code, I would recommend an upgrade to the latest 7.1(2) code on the ASA.
Have you already tried "no failover" ??  This should disable failover in your config.

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